Malden & Coombe Residents' Association

The MCRA is a not-for-profit organisation protecting the rights and interests of the residents of the Estate who pay the annual Coombe Rate.




Burglaries in neighbouring roads - please be aware

July 2021

A neighbouring road has reported six masked men prowling the road in the early hours last weekend (June 26/27) - three garages were broken into.

Please ensure you take all normal precautions and garages are locked. If you see any suspicious behaviour please contact the police and make a note of the day and time in order that CCTV footage on the three main entrances to the Estate can be saved.

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Our Association 

Our Association's objective is to protect the rights and interests of the Coombe Estate residents. We raise money to cover administrative expenses and the matter of permits through a small annual contribution from residents and institutions on the Estate. The Coombe Estate is comprised of almost 300 residences, three schools, two golf courses and conferencing facilities for two major businesses.

Members are defined in the Articles of Association


Our responsibilities

Our Committee of volunteers has responsibility for the employment of the Warren Road Gatekeepers (the costs associated with this are charged to residents through the Coombe Rate) and a Secretary providing administrative support.

MCRA prepares annual accounts for independent audit and presentation at our AGM and closely inspects Planning Applications on the Estate.

Royal Borough of Kingston Council (RBK) has responsibility for the maintenance of roads, footpaths, grass verges, lighting, drainage and facilities with MCRA liaising with RBK officers to ensure standards are maintained.

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