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My road/house needs better WiFi/connectivity. Can MCRA help?

Our Co-Chair investigated the installation of BT Open Reach across the Estate. Here is his summary from several meetings with BT: We have been told the indicative cost for the majority of the properties on the Estate would be close to £500,000.  There is no FTTP (full fibre to premises) on the Estate. Where some roads have FTTC (fibre to cabinet), those affected households have joined up to organise installation independently of MCRA. The BT Open Reach Community Fibre process (which MCRA entered into) can attract vouchers of £1500 per residence or £3500 for businesses including sole traders under a scheme run by DCMS. However unfortunately this only applies to "rural" settings and the Estate is listed as "urban." A per household charge of approximately £1800 would need to be collected - MCRA cannot be responsible for collecting these fees. Any road can independently fund FTTP themselves and take on the investment for BT's mini-scheme. However, please note, FTTP on the Estate is unlikely to be installed before 2024 as there is a process of detailed survey, DCMS approval, scheduling for delivery and a 12-18 month delivery period. Some positive news is that, as part of the commercial rollout, the Malden exchange is being upgraded to FTTP over a period of April 2022 to April 2025. Residents can go onto the BT Open Reach website, enter their details to be kept up to date with the FTTP build: At the moment the website will advise that they are not in plan, which is correct as there is nothing set in stone for the specific address.  Once BT Open Reach do have a plan, the resident will be made aware of the rollout. 

Which roads on the Estate does MCRA represent?

This page outlines which roads form the Coombe Estate:

What is the Annual Contribution?

This page explains the purpose of the MCRA Annual Contribution and why it is important we pay this relatively small charge:

What is MCRA doing about the traffic on the Estate?

MCRA employs five gatekeepers to manage the barriers at the access points on the Estate. The team works closely with our Committee and residents to ensure unauthorised traffic is not permitted on the Estate. We also ask that the organisations on Warren Rd and George Rd notify us of large events so we can keep the traffic running smoothly at busy times.  We are aware that during school drop and collection hours, the traffic is heavier. The Gatekeeper team is working hard to help the schools with traffic flow with regular patrols in the area, particularly around 3pm. MCRA also continues to regularly chase RBK on actioning yellow lines and traffic calming measures in problem areas.

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